Engineered for Pain Relief and Comfort



Flex Trainer

Designed to re-strengthen all four arches of the foot to its most corrective and ideal position.

• Perfect for those on their feet daily for long hours
• Provides maximum pain relief in all four arches
• Best in Laced closed Toe shoes


Flex Maintainer

Designed for a more active/athletic lifestyle and to maintain the foot’s ideal position.

• Perfect for recreational walking and running
• Maintains corrective position in all four arches
• Provides the greatest versatility for a variety of shoes
• Best in Athletic shoe, Cleats, Heels, Open Toe shoes


Flex Relaxer

Designed for minimal brake-in time while offloading uncomfortable foot positions.

• Perfect for those with sensitive feet
• Maintains corrective position in three arches
• Best in Sandals, flats, tight-fitting shoes